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Pedigree Planting Seed
  • AAC Brandon Wheat CWRS
  • AAC Tisdale CWRS
  • AAC Carver Yellow Peas
  • CDC Amarillo Yellow Peas
  • CDC Sorrel Brown Flax
  • CDC Meadow Yellow Peas
  • Bobcat Winter Triticale
  • AZ Hazlet Fall Rye
  • Common Yellow Flax
  • Ore 3542M – Oats
  • 4010 Forage Pea

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Trusted Partnership with Imperial Seed to offer forage and turf

How does pedigreed seed provide additional value?

Consider your choices for farm-grown production.
  • Your pedigreed flax seed may contribute to someone’s health food in the US and in regions throughout the world.
  • Your pedigreed rye seed could be used to cover thousands of acres and promote sustainable agricultural practices across the US.
  • Your pedigreed pea seed might provide countless people in the Middle East with an important staple in their diet.
  • Your pedigreed wheat seed could be used by famous local bakeries in their well-known bread products.
Pedigreed seed from Zeghers Canada provides several crucial differences.
  • Assurance that agricultural identity is preserved throughout the supply chain.
  • Extensive knowledge about your specific seed, as well as depth of traceability.
  • Growing solutions with a high degree of customizability per application.
  • Ability to market your farm production at a premium for you.

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What recognitions has Zeghers Canada received?

  • C.G.C licensed
  • C.G.C HACCP Certified
  • CCSP certified and with use of C.G.C. certified samplers
  • A MAFRD approved Food Handling Establishment (Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives)
  • An Accredited Seed Establishment
  • A CFIA approved conditioner and Bulk Storage Facility
  • 100% Kosher Approved
  • We are also CFIA CGSP approved, (Canadian Grain Sampling Program)

CSCA Trade and Arbitration Rules

Zeghers Canada adheres to the Canadian Special Crops Association Trade and Arbitration Rules. See the 2017 Rulebook here.

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